This sensitive portrayal of childhood neglect will be valuable to therapists, especially those who have not been trained in insight-oriented or dynamic psychotherapies. It shows how neglect, in addition to its own long-term impacts, sets the stage for active victimization of children. An experienced clinician, Bennett offers guidance for working compassionately with both neglect and abuse survivors.
Jasmin Cori, author of Healing from Trauma and The Emotionally Absent Mother

It is common to internalize how we were parented and parent ourselves respectively. A neglectful background brings repetition in neglect of self. The feeling of being invisible with unmet needs that are also undefined brings forth a calling for Bennett's work and excellent grasp of the dynamics and devastating effects of childhood neglect. Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors is a must read for clinicians who work with trauma and for clients who seek and deserve validation. Lori Bennett's work restores faith in trauma resolution. Neglect bears neglect unless recognized and treated.
Karyl McBride, author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Survivors of neglect, therapists, clinical supervisors, teachers, and students will find Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors to be an important addition to their comprehension of this little-studied, yet crucial psychodynamic issue. Lori Bennett's book will enhance the ability of therapists and clients to gain insight and understanding of the impact that this subtle, insidious epidemic of neglect has had in their lives. The powerful stories presented here will help all of us
"learn to stop the self blame over circumstances, to move past the past, and embrace a new future."
Cinta Porter, LCSW, former clinical consultant, University of Maryland Medical Systems

Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect by Lori Bennett examines the aftereffects of emotional neglect in order to help clinicians to better serve survivors. Bennett makes an important contribution by expanding upon the definition of neglect to include emotional neglect while fostering a more profound understanding of the impact of childhood neglect upon adult survivors. The book compiles former clients’ stories of recovery in order to illustrate and explore effective therapy and treatment techniques that will aid in the training of the clinicians who serve survivors of neglect.
Judy Gifford, Director, Find-A-Therapist.com