Office Visits

Payment Information

Payment by cash or check is expected at the time services are rendered.
Each session is 55 minutes in duration, and the session fee is $95.00.
In circumstances of hardship, a sliding scale fee can be negotiated.

E-Therapy Fees

Some women benefit greatly from the virtual anonymity of e-therapy, while others live in very rural areas where it is not possible to find therapists with the expertise detailed on my website. If you believe that e-therapy might be beneficial for you, please
contact me with any questions you might have about the process of registration, and to purchase an e-therapy package. If telephone counseling is more convenient for you, that option is also available.

2 - email sessions
4 - email sessions
1 - 30 minute phone session
1 - 60 minute phone session

$  75.00
$  50.00
$  95.00