Guided Imagery

These guided imagery exercises serve to accompany the reader of Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect.

The exercises assist people to find a safe space, to let go of negativity and past trauma, and to work with the inner child. They have each been rewritten for use with neglect survivors, and are particularly useful with clients who have histories of maternal neglect. Similar visualizations originally appeared in a wonderful book entitled Mother Wit: A Feminist Guide to Psychic Development (1981), by Diane Mariechild.

The following five guided imagery exercises appear in Chapter 19 of Living Past Neglect. The first exercise involves relaxation, followed by a visualization of a safe space. It is best if you utilize this exercise prior to any other visualization that you do. When you start this process, there is no need to become perfectly relaxed. This is a skill that is developed over time. If your mind wanders away from the visualization, that’s fine. It’s like falling asleep during a massage; your body still benefits from the healing touch. So enjoy your journey, and let’s begin.

Lori Bennett, LCSW
Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect