Living Past Neglect

Living in the past can create our futures.  Yet, how do young people step out of their histories of neglect?  How do they hope to feel loved if they never experienced the love they needed in their families of origin?  How do they combat the damage to trust?  How do they learn to stop the self-blame over circumstances, to move past the past, and embrace a new future?

These questions are answered in Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect, in the hope that other people will benefit from my clients' experiences with healing.  First, I have asked them to describe what their lives were like prior to therapy, and the tasks they challenged themselves to complete in their first years of treatment.  I have asked them to describe living with the aftereffects of neglectful childhoods.  Second, I have asked them to describe their processes of healing and recovery.  What worked for them, and why?

Some clients chose to describe their autobiographies of healing to me in person, as we evaluated our time together in psychotherapy.  I have written their stories for them, and disguised some of their circumstances, to protect their privacy.  Others chose to write their own stories for this anthology.  I am very grateful for their participation.  This book is dedicated to them - to their wisdom and courage.

Lori Bennett, LCSW
Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect