Were you ridiculed or criticized for expressing feelings as a child?

Did you feel invisible, or transparent?

How did you learn about good personal hygiene?

Do you find yourself feeling envious or sad when you see a loving relationship between a mother and her child, or a father and his child?

Do you have difficulty making life decisions because of a lack of guidance from your parents?

Are you conscious of your own emotional needs?  If you are, do you have trouble expressing them to the people you care about?

Do you blame yourself for everything?  Do you justify feeling unloved in your own mind?

Do you overeat when you are feeling angry, upset, or afraid?

Do you have trouble spending money on yourself, even when you have expendable income?

Do you neglect your own physical needs, or push your body past its limits?

Do you try to bury your fears, anxieties, or sadness, because there is no one you trust to listen?

Do you choose partners who need you, so they won't abandon you?

Do you take care of your partner better than you take care of yourself?

Do you overachieve at work?  Does your boss take credit for the work you do?

Can you "absorb" another person's pain?

Do you believe the negative feedback you get, while thinking any positive feedback is inaccurate?

Can you "read" other people's moods better than your own?

Do you prefer negative attention to no attention at all?

Do you sabotage your success because you believe you don't deserve it?

Do you deprive yourself of happiness, for fear that it will be taken away?